This website is the result of a wonderful, rollercoaster journey that I have been on since almost dying from pneumonia and then leukaemia. I want to share some of the insights I have gained along the way in the hope that they will be of value to you whatever your current condition.


One of the most useful lessons I have learnt is that everything in our lives (as well as our universe) is interconnected. Thus, the term “health” cannot be truly separated from the term “life”, since everything that we think, say, feel or do is affected by our health, and our health is affected by everything we think, feel, say or do. In order to enjoy “good health” we need to consider every aspect of our lives and look for ways to improve. We can achieve optimum health by ensuring that all the different aspects of our lives are functioning harmoniously together.


Although, as we have said, they are all interdependent, for the sake of practicality, I have chosen seven broad categories over which I believe we have some control and will deal with them all separately. They are: Spirit, Mind, Nutrition, Exercise, Medicine, Environment and Community.


In each category I have included many of the insights, experiences and materials that have helped me on the road to recovery and that will, hopefully, be of benefit to you too.


As you will see, I believe that most of us struggle through our lives operating at way below our full potential. I would like to help you to be aware of just what amazing potential you have and to inspire you to achieve optimum health, vitality and happiness.


Feel free to dip in and out of each section and.. bon voyage!!!